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Here are the Barrow upon Soar Book Lover’s club favourite “history” texts for September 2021:

“Etta Lemon” by Tessa Bose

“My Granddaughter Sends Her Regards and Apologises” by Frederick Backman

“The Reason I Jump” by Naoki Higashida

“Who they Was” by Gabriel Krauze

“The Shadow Queen” by Anne O’Brien

"Things I Don’t Want to Know" by Deborah Levy

"Night Bitch" by Rachel Yoder

"People of Abandoned Character" by Claire Whitfield

"The Appeal" by Janice Hallett

"56 Days" by Catherine Ryan Howard

"The Story of my Teeth" by Valeria Luiselli

We hope you enjoy exploring our selections and wish you happy reading.

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